Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HP Touchpad Frenzy

So apparently HP made the announcement of getting out of its PC/Tablet/Mobile business last week, and the dramatic price reduction of the Touchpad from $499 to $99 indeed reflected the PR message. What immediately followed was a frenzy of people gobbling up these cheap Touchpads across the country. Soon enough, all locations such as BestBuy, Target, Barnes & Nobles are selling out and people are still asking for more. I personally wanted to be in the crowd and get onto this deal bandwagon, but after much thought, I think $99 can be saved and spent else where when appropriate. First, one got to think what type of task functions he or she is going to use on this device? If it's simple web surfing, any notebook/PC/mobile phone can do the job. Second, because HP is phasing out its entire PC division, there will be no customer support on this device as it's running on an unpopular WebOS platform which draws no developer attraction on apps. Third, I think I will just wait out until the rumored iPad 3 that's due beginning of next year. This $99 can serve as the initial downpayment until I get the rest saved up.

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